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Basque Trade & Investment supports Basque companies in international renewable energy congresses

Basque Trade & Investment (BT&I), the Basque agency for the internationalization of Basque companies integrated within he SPRI Group, has leveraged  the presence of Basque companies in two of the most important wind energy congresses: the International Partnering Forum (IPF) and the Floating Offshore Wind Turbines (FOWT) , held this week in New Orleans and Marseille, respectively, to organize two complementary events.

These international events, which gather experts and leaders in the energy sector, represent a unique opportunity for Basque companies to explore new collaborations and learn about the latest trends in offshore wind technologies.

Within the framework of the IPF, the Basque Trade & Investment office in the United States has facilitated a strategic day for the 11 Basque companies in the energy sector participating in the event in collaboration with the Energy Cluster.

During the event, leading U.S. developers and U.S. government representatives highlighted the outlook for the U.S. offshore wind market, providing Basque companies with a detailed overview of the growth and emerging opportunities in this sector.

In addition, specific challenges and opportunities related to the development of floating offshore energy compared to fixed foundation structures have been addressed.

Within the framework of the event dedicated to floating offshore wind turbines (FOWT), the Delegation of the Basque Government in France, in collaboration with Basque Trade & Investment, organized a meeting for a Basque delegation with the aim of boosting the sector and accelerating its integration into the renewable energy mix.

The Basque delegation, composed of around thirty people, included representatives of BT&I, the Delegation of the Basque Government in France and several Basque companies that traveled with the Energy Cluster.

During the meeting, the opportunities offered by France in the floating wind energy market were explained. The country is playing a key role in boosting the sector, backed by the French government's commitment to the expansion of renewable energies.

To encourage Basque participation, the side event focused on providing a detailed overview of market regulations and upcoming tenders in the French offshore wind sector from developers and promoters, as well as floating wind farm bid winners and key institutions involved in the processes.