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We accelerate your international expansion

For SMEs

We research which markets and countries are the most appropriate for your business and we help you to identify your competitors or your allies or the main barriers or incentives for your company

For large companies

We help you to increase your presence through the creation of commercial or production structures, consolidating your position and increasing your international sales

Basque Trade & Investment came about with the purpose of boosting business internationalisation in the Basque Country, through the development of a new portfolio value added services, the creation of a competitive intelligence unit to strengthen the network of offices abroad. To do so, all of the capacities and assets of internationalisation services and programmes are integrated in a single organisation. This merger leads to a higher level of specialisation and proximity to the client and a reinforced ability to understand and adapt to specific needs. We work with our foreign network so that Basque companies can export further afield or consolidate their position in international markets.