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Services at destination

Search for and pre-selection of talent

  • Recruitment of qualified candidates
  • Adaptation to the profile demanded by the companies
  • Pre-selection of requested profiles

We are in more than 87 countries

Training and International Mobility Programmes

BEINT 100 grants

Training for young graduates by providing them with academic knowledge and practical experience in overseas markets.

  • Internationalisation specialist Postgraduate Degree
  • 12 month internship in a public organisation
  • 8 month internship in a private entreprise

Global Training 400 GRANTS

Promotion of international mobility of young university and higher degree VT graduates.

  • 6-12 months of professional internships in foreign companies or Basque companies established abroad


Business Training

The purpose of these workshops is to make Basque companies aware of the trends, techniques and practical experiences regarding various aspects of international activity, thus advancing their competitive improvement.