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Values and commitments

Our values and commitments

We are a public company that offers an integrated service to Basque companies on their international path in order to strengthen their competitiveness in a sustainable way via the Foreign Network, subsidised programmes and Talent generation.

Professionalism towards the client

  • We are committed to the objectives and tasks set, seeking their fulfilment within the established timeframes.
  • We get actively involved in the fulfilment of our commitments, seeking full client satisfaction.
  • We develop our activity objectively, ensuring equal treatment in the development of our activities.
  • We listen and bear in mind the needs of the client in decision-making and we exceed their expectations.


  • We fulfil the obligation of accurately reporting all of our actions at an internal and external level.
  • We assume the principles of transparency and concurrence in our work and our acts and we are concerned about the future of our society.
  • We act ethically and express ourselves with coherence and authenticity, assertively saying what we think and feel.

Networking and involvement of people

  • We foster cooperation and networking to boost the synergies between people and work areas to add greater value to the activities we perform.
  • We involve all people in the fulfilment of our vision with respect and empathy.
  • We foster Cooperation, Comradeship and Cohesion in Work Teams.
  • We motivate and unite people.
  • We work as a team. We are multi-functional and autonomous at the same time in the performance of tasks.

Institutional co-responsibility

  • We manage public resources responsibly and efficiently.
  • We work effectively, efficiently and with social profitability, with the commitment to carrying out our activities bearing in mind the social benefit that is returned, with the least possible consumption of resources, achieving the established objectives.
  • We lead by example, responding positively to the obligations incurred in the development of the professional activity.
  • We develop trust, as we are consistent, honest and sincere people.
  • We fulfil our commitments. We ensure that we do what we say and sign.


  • We show respect, proximity, empathy and we deal correctly with all people and companies that contact us.
  • We are accessible and give personalised treatment to each company using our services.

Advanced management and innovation

  • We develop the capability to take on and fulfil our responsibilities and commitments in order to achieve the established objectives, with the optimisation of the available resources.
  • We are committed to ongoing improvement and advanced management.
  • We aim for constant improvement.
  • We are committed to fulfilling the objectives set out in the strategy and actions in the Management Plan.
  • We are proactive and flexible, remaining alert to the environment, developing Creativity and taking on new challenges.