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Internationalisation Plan

The plan establishes facilitating a qualitative leap in the insertion and international competitiveness of the Basque company in the global market as a priority objective.

The 8 lines of the Internationalisation Plan

Business Internationalisation Plan 2017-2020

1. Added value services

Our portfolio of added value services, segmented by company profiles, under a model that integrates own capabilities and those of collaborators

2. Competitive intelligence

Generate and transfer advanced knowledge and new opportunities to companies

3. Foreign network

Increase the value contribution of the Foreign Network to Basque companies and institutions

4. Training

Increase the specialised training in internationalisation of professionals in Basque companies

5. Funding

Offer companies competitive funding instruments for a wide range of internationalisation alternatives

6. Institutional reorganisation

Integrate and reinforce the Basque Government’s internationalisation capabilities and assets

7. Coordination of the basque system

Advance in the coordination of all the agents involved in boosting the internationalisation of companies

8. Image and communication

Gain recognition for the Basque Country, its companies and the Basque Internationalisation System

This is how we help to internationalize your company