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Our approach

Services for export companies

The new portfolio of services adapts business needs, segmented by company profiles. It is a new model that combines own capabilities and those of collaborating agents.

Competitive intelligence

Basic services for
Potential exporters

Advanced services for

  • Identification and evaluation of opportunities
  • Segmented information of priority sectors and insertion capability in local value chains
  • Market Intelligence: Country Files / CIVEX / Comparative studies of markets of interest
  • Multi-lateral tenders
  • Connection with EU

Internationalisation consultancy

Basic services for
Potential exporters

  • Organisation of Missions
  • Attendance at trade fairs
  • Accompaniment
  • Preparation of Agendas
  • Analysis of company competitors
  • Search for distributors and commercial channels
  • Identification of suppliers and services
  • Customer identification
  • Regulatory support
  • Information on customs procedures
  • Support in brand registration. Homologation of product or service
  • Legal guidance
  • Research into local companies

Advanced services for

  • Corporate diplomacy
  • International softlanding
  • Support for relocations and returns
  • Search for allies, partners or companies for acquisitions
  • Search for consortiums in the destination country
  • NEW  International negotiation and mediation
  • NEW  Creation of geographical / sectoral services platforms
  • NEW  Study Trips

Human resources

Basic services for
Potential exporters

  • Support in the search for staff
  • Shared professionals

Advanced services for

  • Recruitment of highly qualified staff
  • International grants


Basic services for
Potential exporters

  • International establishments, funding in the destination country

Advanced services for

  • International establishments, funding in the destination country
  • Acquisitions
  • Specific needs

Priority sectors

We have established some sectoral priority criteria to guide focalisation and specialisation efforts in accordance with the RIS 3 criteria

In a bid for diversification towards a high technological level and high growth potential, three priorities have been defined which affect Advanced Manufacturing, Energy and the convergence of the Biosciences / Health pairing; areas in which the Basque Country is highly specialised and boasts internationalisation capabilities.

The smart specialisation strategy for the Basque Country considers Energy and Advanced Manufacturing as strategic areas.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing affects the main industrial sectors of the Basque economy. It is key in our country’s industrial tradition and has important technological capabilities related to manufacturing.

  • Automotive
  • Aeronautical
  • Shipbuilding and Railways
  • Machine Tools
  • Consumer Goods
  • Metal Processing
  • Connected Services


Our Energy sector already has the different links in the generation, transport and distribution chain and its auxiliary industry. A sector with large companies and international leadership, and in which the Basque Country already has technological capacity in materials, nanotechnology, manufacturing technologies and ICTs.

  • Electricity
  • Oil and Gas
  • Renewable Energies

Biosciences and Health

This is a relevant sector that offers wealth and added value to the Basque Country thanks to its high levels of investment in R&D, the offer of highly qualified employment and international approach.

Opportunity areas

  • Food
  • Ecosystems
  • Urban habitat

Geographic priority

We have determined three levels of geographical priority to develop the new support model, focusing efforts on areas of greater interest and potential for the Basque Country.

Basque Trade & Investment Office network map

Priority 1

USA, Mexico, Germany, China, United Kingdom, Italy

  • Strategic Markets
  • Present in the objectives of the main sectors and companies
  • OBJ Plan: Priority axis for business internationalisation

Priority 2

France, Russia, Colombia, Brazil, India

  • Focus on certain sectors and companies
  • High growth potential of companies
  • OBJ Plan: Follow-up markets


ASEAN (Singapur, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand), Japan, South Korea, Middle East, Iran, Morocco

  • Distant markets with a high growth potential
  • OBJ Plan: Generate knowledge