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Strategic and Operational Advice

Focus on Internationalisation

Increasing the Export Base (IBE)

Analysis of the company’s economic, commercial and HR viability and of its capacity to start an internationalisation process.

1. Assessment of internationalisation potential

2. Pathway and tutoring for first steps

First Steps Towards Internationalisation

Advisory Services

Competitive intelligence: Customised market studies for the company/product and business model.


  • Identifying suppliers
  • Business reports

External Logistics 

  • Looking for distributors and commercial agents
  • Monitoring distributors and agents on a temporary basis
  • Identifying supply channels

Marketing and Sales



  • Assistance in opening corporate accounts

Incorporation and initial establishment services

  • Looking for locations, land and premises…
  • Temporary offices in business centre

Zabaldu programme

Subsidies for companies with low level of internationalisation that wish to increase their presence abroad.


Market Expansion and Diversification

Advisory Services

Competitive intelligence: Differential information on priority sectors and the capacity to enter into local value chains.

Incorporation and initial establishment services

  • Support for relocations and returns

Collaboration and M&A

Governance of the value chain

  • High level institutional support
  • Negotiations with public and private entities
  • Agenda of visits and accompaniment to relevant organisations

Sectoral services: Expert advice that helps to define projects for access to markets of interest, as well as to develop customised action plans.

Sakondu Programme

Subsidies for highly internationalised companies that wish to improve their competitive position by diversifying into other markets.