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BEINT Program

For young people from the Basque Country with a university degree who want to be trained in internationalisation

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Are you ready for A unique personal and work experience?


The new 2024 BEINT grant call, aimed at university graduates from the Basque Country who are under 30 years old, will shortly be launched. The grant will allow you to finish your training with international companies and entities. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the reality and rules of international trade, the Basque economic fabric, its institutions and companies, along with the skills needed for managing multilocation companies, and international purchases and sales.

The grant is worth between €30,000 and €75,000, depending on the destination.

Do not miss this unique opportunity that will open the doors to the job market.

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2024 call closed:
The application period was open from March 19 to April 19, 2024.

3 phases with a total duration of 2 years


Postgraduate Specialization in Internationalization

JUL-DEC 2024 4 months

(Holiday period in August)

Work placements in Entities

Work placements in the Offices of our Foreign Network, Spanish Commercial Offices abroad and other Organisations or Associations for the promotion of internationalization

JAN-DEC 2025 12 months

Business practice

Professional work placement in an Internationalised Company abroad or Multi-lateral Organisations

JAN-AUG 2026 8 months

The economic endowment ranges between €30,000 and €75,000, depending on destination


  • Internationalisation training for young university graduates, providing them with academic knowledge and practical experience in foreign markets, facilitating their mobility through promoting bodies and internationalised companies.
  • Provide companies and other Basque entities with a professional base that enables them to effectively face the challenges of the open economy. Entry into new markets requires people with the necessary technical training and skills to operate in diverse cultural environments.



  • Young people from the Basque Country under 30 years of age
  • Higher university qualification
  • English proficiency, minimum B2

Review the 2023 integral regulation

More than 30 years training young people for the global market

Since the 1980s, the Basque Government has run an Internationalisation Programme aimed at training young people in foreign trade and enabling them to do work placements abroad. In all of this time, the training needs have been evolving in parallel to global markets and organisations. This requires modifying and adapting the BEINT internationalisation programme to the new realities each year.

There are now thousands of young people and companies that have benefitted from this programme, which has enabled them to obtain a better understanding of the reality and rules of international trade, the Basque economic fabric and its institutions and companies, as well as the necessary skills in the management of companies with multiple locations and international purchasing and sales.

Join the BEINT challenge and enjoy a unique personal and professional experience by training in international entities and companies

You will return home as a prestigious professional, which will open doors to the job market for you

Raquel Gómez one year working in Shangai

Raquel Gómez is a graduate in ADE who thanks to the BEINT scholarship is working in a company in Shanghai. An experience that is allowing her to know new cultures, forge professional relationships for the future and travel.

María Uriarte works as a consultant in Mexico

After being in Bogotá, María Uriarte has been in Mexico for a month. He is working in an international real estate consultancy. An experience that is contributing to her personal and work growth and that she recommends to everyone.

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